Bionik Gaming Headset Chat Mixer

Combine game audio with streamed content such as chat, music or phone calls

The Chat Mixer™ is a unique Bluetooth® accessory, used with your favorite wired gaming headset on popular consoles to combine in-game audio with wireless audio from external sources. This useful accessory allows independent volume controls for in-game audio and audio cast from an external device. Users can listen to custom playlists, use popular chat applications, or take phone calls without interrupting their game session.

Category: Brand: BionikPlatform: PC



  • Customize what you hear in your gaming headset by combining in-game audio with chat, music, walkthroughs, or other streamed content
  • Pairs easily with your smartphone or other Bluetooth® devices.
  • Works with popular chat apps, such as Discord® and the Nintendo Switch™ Online app.
  • Independent volume controls allow for customized mixture of game audio and streamed audio from Bluetooth®.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.

*This product listing is for the chat mixer only. All other accessories (controllers, headset and Nintendo Switch) aren’t included