KontrolFreek – FPS Freek Edge Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One – Blue

This striking blue Performance Thumbstick™ set from KontrolFreek features a sharp, eight contact point design that was laser-etched for exceptional grip. It pairs two different height thumbsticks for maximum comfort and accuracy. The high-rise FPS hybrid thumbstick (10.49mm PS4 / 10.63mm XB1) increases range of motion by 120.8%(XB1) / 142.3%(PS4) and is designed for aim and accuracy on your right analog. The low-rise alpha thumbstick (5.96mm PS4/ 5.92mm XB1) has a convex dome for control and comfort on your left. The combination allows for quicker and more precise target acquisition, creating the perfect advantage in the fast-paced world of competitive online play.

KontrolFreek Xbox One FPS Freek Edge Performance Thumbsticks are compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. (Packaging May Not Reflect Updated Compatibility).

Category: Brand: KontrolFreekPlatform: PC


  • Left Stick:
    • Convex
    • Height: 5.96mm
    • Laser-Etched Design
  • Right Stick:
    • Convex
    • Height: 10.49mm
    • Laser-Etched Design


  • Enhanced Grip – Don’t Let Them Catch You Slippin’
  • Increased Accuracy – Zero in On the Target
  • Added Height – Perfect Balance of Grip and Accuracy
  • From the Experts:
    • The striking blue-on-black colour scheme features a sharp, eight contact point design that was laser-etched for exceptional grip
    • Mixed height combo for faster target acquisition and increased precision on the right, as well as better control and maneuvering on the left
    • One high-rise, hybrid thumbstick that adds 10.4 mm for increased accuracy on the right analog
    • One low-rise, convex (domed) thumbstick on the left analog for enhanced control with in-game movement while adding a nominal height of 5.9 mm
    • Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip, comfort, and reduces slip
    • Requires less force which reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue
    • Cut through your competition with KontrolFreek’s FPS Freek® Edge. These Performance Thumbsticks® pair one high-rise FPS hybrid with one low-rise convex (domed) to give you the ultimate advantage in accuracy, comfort and grip.