Goosebumps Dead of Night

Play as if your life depends on it!

Slappy, the Dummy, has escaped, and it’s up to you to hide from monsters summoned from the pages of classic Goosebumps tales while exploring and solving puzzles. The only way to recapture Slappy and banish him and his monster minions are to recover and collect all of the scattered and lost pages of the book before it’s too late.

Play as if your life depends on it! Stop Slappy’s evil plan to unleash his monsters across the world… don’t worry, you’ll have some allies along the way like Nikola Tesla, Dr Brewer and R.L. Stine, voiced by Jack Black. For the faint of heart, beware – you’re in for a scare!

Category: Brand: GameMill Entertainment



  •  Exploration – Explore locations from the Goosebumps books and movies as you search for clues, evade monsters, and solve puzzles to stop the evil ventriloquist dummy Slappy.
  • Puzzles – Solve puzzles to thwart the evil Slappy. Be careful though, one wrong move could be your last.
  • Jumpscares – Beware you’re in for a scare! Some of the classic monsters from Goosebumps have been unleashed, and they are hungry. Avoid them at all costs, or they may scare you to death.
  • Nintendo Switch – features RD Rumble functionality, touchscreen support and gyroscopic controls